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Showcase Your Man’s Career in Your Boudoir Photography Session!

We know men out there love to daydream about their awesome lady wearing a “sexy” uniform. From sexy nurses, sexy French maids, to ladies in jerseys, we’ve seen all the traditional sexy costumes/uniforms. But have you ever thought about dressing up and showing off his career?! Showing your appreciation for his daily grind with intimate bedroom photography can help show him that you know how hard he works and even though he may not love every second of his job that it’s worth it if it helps support you and your shared goals. If your hubby protects and serves as a police officer or is a firefighter, the ladies at Le Boudoir Studio have tons of boudoir ideas on how to incorporate his special job. Even if your significant other doesn’t have a traditional job uniform you can still feature aspects of his career!

Sexy Comic Book Inspired Photography

The beautiful client we are featuring on this week’s blog had a great time incorporating her soon-to- be hubby’s creative job as a comic book artist. Opting to match her fun superhero themed tank top and lace panties with comfy knit socks from the Le Boudoir wardrobe, she looks a comic book fan’s dream come true!

Book your intimate bedroom photo session today!

It is so much for Traci and Jodi Lynn to work closely with our boudoir clients and help make their vision a reality. Whether you are happily dating, newly engaged, celebrating your marriage, or just want to treat yourself contact Le Boudoir Studio or call 480 495 5455 to schedule your sexy bedroom photoshoot.

Bucket List Boudoir Session

For some ladies having their boudoir photos taken can be such a life changing occasion that it may make its way on to a bucket list! At Le Boudoir Studio, we love to inspire, empower, and encourage everyday women to embrace and show off their inner bombshell with boudoir photography! This Marilyn Monroe lookalike was ready to cross boudoir photography off her list before her birthday and we are happy she did.

Confidence Boosting Boudoir Photography

This seductive blonde client of our Tempe, Arizona studio loved how confident she felt during and after her shoot! Not only did she have a great time getting ready and pampered before her shoot with our professional hair and make- up artist. But her images allowed her to see herself in whole new light. With every passing year we find it harder to find a moment for ourselves, this year celebrate yourself with boudoir photography.

Le Boudoir Studio

Le Boudoir Studio

Le Boudoir Studio

Le Boudoir Studio

Celebrate Yourself!

Whether it’s your birthday or his, celebrate how sexy you are and contact us to schedule your Arizona boudoir photography session. To see more confidence boosting boudoir, click here!

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