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Duality of boudoir photography: light and dark

Women schedule boudoir photography sessions with Le Boudoir Studio for many reasons. There are special occasion gifts, wedding day surprises, celebratory sessions and everything in between. No matter what the reason is for scheduling your boudoir session; we are happy to oblige! This form of photography is all about the beautiful woman being photographed. Jodi Lynn coaches and motivates you throughout the entire boudoir experience, so no pressure!

Boudoir photography: light and dark

Photography is an amazing art that requires a lot of knowledge, creativity and tools to create stunning photographs. One simple tool that make a huge difference is the lighting. Lighting can make all the difference between a bright/sweet set and a moody/sassy set. In addition to the lighting helping to create the “mood” you’re going for, your professional hair and make-up along with the attire you’ve chosen will make all the difference too! At Le Boudoir Studio, we have so much fun creating boudoir photographs that will be enjoyed for years to come. The session being featured on this week’s blog is all about the duality of boudoir.

Le Boudoir Studio; duality of boudoir

Styled by: Love and Lace; Items Featured (Lace Gown and White Bustier): Fantasy Lingerie

01 le boudoir studio 02 le boudoir studio duality of boudoir 03 duality of boudoir photography 04 boudoir photography 05 light and dark boudoir photography

09 le boudoir studio love and lace lingerie 08 glamour photography set option

Love and Lace blog feature

We believe that our client rocked this session! What are your boudoir photography ideas? We’d love to help them come true! Contact the studio today!


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Outdoor haven boudoir photography by Le Boudoir Studio

Le Boudoir Studio has a boudoir photography studio located in Tempe, Arizona. We have awesome indoor photography set options for our amazing clients! We have sexy and sweet set options; think beautiful bedroom sets, chandeliers, intricately painted walls, gorgeous linens and of course spectacular clients. We’ve recently added a fabulous pink sofa (Click pink sofa link for current sale details!) to our photography set options and it photographs absolutely stunning! We have plenty of ideas and options; we simply need YOU.

Outdoor boudoir photography

We recently got to get out of the Tempe, Arizona studio and shoot outdoors! Shooting outdoors is something that Jodi Lynn loves. This stunning client got the lingerie pictured from our friends over at Love and Lace; all the information pertaining to the lingerie is below! Boudoir photography is an intimate form of photography but as you can see; it doesn’t have to be strictly indoor! Jodi Lynn has scoped out some amazing yet discreet locations to shoot boudoir photography. It’s completely up to you according to what you envision and what you’re most comfortable with. You’re the boudoir bombshell!

Le Boudoir Studio outdoor glamour session

Stylist: Love and Lace

White Lace Chemise and White Lace Robe: Coquette

White Bustier: Fantasy Lingerie

01 Le Boudoir Studio boudoir photography 02 outdoor boudoir photography 03 boudoir photography le boudoir studio 04 Outdoor photography 05 outdoor haven boudoir photography 06 boudoir photography set 07 outdoor boudoir photography set 08 glamour photography set option 09 le boudoir studio love and lace lingerie

What do you think about this outdoor boudoir photography session?! We absolutely loved it. If you’re ready to schedule your very own shoot; contact the studio today. We’d love to meet you!


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