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Le Boudoir Studios is proud to be recognized as an award winning boudoir studio, specializing in making the every day woman feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin! We also love partnering with other businesses that have a similar mission of women empowerment and beauty. Recently, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Sugar Sugar, a local sugar waxing salon offering a variety of luxury beauty services as well!




When Sugar Sugar contacted us to coordinate a full day’s worth of shooting to create a catalog of images for their marketing endeavors, Jodi Lynn was so excited! We’ve previously featured them on our blog before, and here are a few reminders of what makes sugaring so great!

Why choose sugar? Here are some reasons that Sugar Sugar Gives :

Sugar is 100% organic; only made of sugar, lemons and water!

Hair is removed in the natural direction of growth

Few if any ingrown hairs

Sugar is a natural exfoliant; alleviates dry skin

Does not adhere to living skin cells

Bacteria does not breed in sugar; very sanitary

Sugar is water soluble

No residue left on skin after treatment

Improves skin texture and tone

Great for all skin types

Sugar has no chemicals or resins

Sugar works on rosacea, psoriasis or eczema

Sugar is so natural you could eat it!

Here is a sampling of the fun we had during their commercial photo shoot with the Le Boudoir team!


Photography by Jodi Lynn

Photography by Jodi Lynn

Photography by Jodi Lynn

Photography by Jodi Lynn

Photography by Jodi Lynn

Photography by Jodi Lynn

Photography by Jodi Lynn


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