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Couples boudoir session at Le Boudoir Studio

Most people automatically think of women only when they think of boudoir photography. While that is mostly true; there are some fellas that get on camera with their women! Le Boudoir Studio has so much fun working couple’s boudoir photography magic! When there is a special spark and passion between two people it is awesome to capture their love on camera. The lucky man not only gets to enjoy the boudoir photos of his lovely lady, but he gets to be there for the photo shoot experience himself!

Sexy couples boudoir photography

If you’re a lady who has been dreaming about her own boudoir photography session; perhaps your honey can join in on the fun! During a couples boudoir session; we can ensure we get some photos of only you so your honey has something to look forward to. It’s completely up to you how involved you want your honey to be or not to be! Le Boudoir Studio wants to ensure you get the photos you’ve been envisioning so we’re flexible.

Couples boudoir at Le Boudoir Studio


Check out this sexy couple:

01 couples boudoir photography 02 le boudoir studio couples boudoir photography 03 le boudoir studio 04 couples boudoir 05 couples photography session 06 boudoir photography couples

Le Boudoir Studio had so much fun with this sexy couple! Their couple’s boudoir session photos came out fantastic. We’ve done indoor couple’s boudoir and outdoor couple’s boudoir; totally up to you! If you’re ready to schedule; contact Le Boudoir Studio today. We can’t wait to meet you and your special someone!


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Couple’s H-O-T boudoir photography session

When most people think of sexy photography they think of women looking sassy and sexy. This is a true statement but there is an added aspect to boudoir photography that most people don’t know exists. We are referring to couples boudoir photography. There is nothing sexier than catching sexual chemistry on camera.  You can’t choose who you are attracted to, but you can choose to capitalize on it and capture those moments on camera.

Sexy photography is not just for the woman- you can include your honey too

Love is meant to be shared and being in love is something magical. Two people who have that spark and sometimes a sort of tension between them and aren’t afraid to show it off to the world have their hands on something incredible.

Jodi was able to do one of her favorite types of shoots at Le Boudoir Studio recently. There is something so captivating and well…H-O-T about shooting not one but two sexy people at the same time.


Nick and Raena’s HOT couples boudoir session below…

Things are about to get a lot steamier…

You want more?! Of course you do…

Nick and Raena we sure hope you inspire other people to take advantage of couples boudoir photography! 🙂

This shoot was amazing and so much fun to do! Jodi is such a professional that you won’t feel in the least bit awkward or shy when doing your couples shoot as she helps you every step of the way! The result? Obviously super sultry photos. Check out the rest of Nick and Raena’s shoot on our Le Boudoir Studio Facebook page and in the feature of A Beautiful Little Bride Magazine!

We look forward to hearing from YOU!

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