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Le Boudoir Studio is Arizona Foothills Magazine Best Boudoir Photographer

Le Boudoir Studio is honored and elated to announce that we’re officially Arizona Foothills Magazine’s “Best Boudoir Photographer” in Phoenix, Arizona! We could not have reached this goal without all of our Le Boudoir Studio Facebook fans voting again and again; so thank you so much! When owner and boudoir photographer Jodi Lynn set out on the journey of creating a boudoir photography studio; she hoped to reach as many women as possible. Winning the Arizona Foothill’s Magazine “Best of our Valley” contest is a tribute to not only the studio, but to all of the fabulous clients we have that helped make this a reality.

“Best of Our Valley” winner: Le Boudoir Studio

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 11.33.01 AM

Arizona Foothills Magazine did an interview with Jodi Lynn of Le Boudoir Studio. Check out some of the highlights:

When I was a little girl, I… Always dreamed of owning my own photography studio.

What made me want to specialize in photographing boudoir was… As a woman myself, I know that as women we tend to be our own worst critics. Whether it is the media, what people have told us or our own distorted self-image; it seems as though women pick themselves apart.

The best part of my job is making women feel beautiful and increasing their confidence!

The biggest piece of advice I offer my customers is have fun! Trust your photographer, I will help you with posing and walk you through the entire process.

Check out the entire article on ArizonaFoothills.com!

Le Boudoir Studio: Best Boudoir Photographer in the valley


02 le boudoir studio arizona foothills best boudoir photographer Le Boudoir Studio 04 best of our valley best boudoir photographer le boudoir studio

Again, a huge thank you to everyone who voted to make Le Boudoir Studio the Best Boudoir Photographer of the valley! In order to get you all excited about voting we ran a free boudoir session contest and the winner is Deb Dewees!!!! Deb, please call the studio to claim your free boudoir session! Le Boudoir Studio looks forward to being your top boudoir photographer for years to come! Cheers!


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Freckles boudoir photography winner – and she’s adorable!

Recently, we asked our Le Boudoir Studio Facebook page followers to send in pictures of them if they had freckles! Jodi Lynn came up with the contest idea and just like that; it became a reality. The reason Jodi had the idea was because she remembered feeling self-conscious as a little girl about her freckles and figured there must be other women out there that felt the same. The premise behind the freckles contest was to remind women to celebrate their beauty just as they are! As women, we can be self-conscious about a lot of things, but we’re hoping that over time we can help women learn to embrace themselves in all of their unique beauty.

Freckles contest winner announcement!

We received quite a few adorable photo submissions (thank you!), but ultimately one lucky lady had to win. She was one of the most naturally beautiful women we’ve had the pleasure of working with; her freckles just made her that much MORE beautiful in our opinion. Drum roll…here’s our lovely winner! Her submission picture is on the right along with a fun picture we took to show her silly yet sexy side!

13 freckles contest submission photo

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Here’s her full boudoir shoot:

1 freckles contest winner

2 freckles contest winner le boudoir studio

3 le boudoir studio freckles contest winner

4 freckles contest winner for boudoir photography

5 boudoir photography freckles contest winner

6 follow le boudoir studio for contest announcements

7 adorable freckles contest winner

8 le boudor studio contest winner

9 le boudoir studio contest winner announcement

10 le boudoir studio loves contests

11 jodi lynn contest

12 boudoir photography contest winner

This shoot is featured on Boudoir International!

We’ll come up with any idea to share boudoir photography with the women near and dear to us! Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and/or LinkedIn to stay in the loop on future contests. You never know when they’ll be announced…or where! 😉 We love sharing the gift of boudoir photography. Le Boudoir Studio hopes to capture your beauty soon too! Call us to schedule your own boudoir shoot!


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