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Red, White and Sexy- Americana Boudoir Photography

Deployment can be such a hard time for a couple, which is why at Le Boudoir Studio, not only do we support our troops but we offer a military discount for those in the military or whose significant other are part of the armed forces. Giving your man intimate and seductive photos of you while he is deployed not only offers him something to look forward to upon his return home but can serve as a great psychological boost as well!

Send Your Soldier Something Sexy in His Care Package

Another great reason we love to specialize in military themed bedroom photography is because we know that many military wives and girlfriends often forget what it’s like to feel sexy while their significant other is deployed. Getting glammed up for your intimate boudoir session can help revitalize that feeling! Our main associate photographer, Traci had so much fun working with Miss K and helping her style this American themed boudoir photo shoot! She seamlessly incorporated the American flag without making it feel forced or overdone. These images are truly stunning and perfectly embody the patriotic spirit. Her soldier is going to love these photos that she did for him. We’re sure she can’t wait to send her man his care package with these in them!

In the military? You can do boudoir too!

If you’re going away on active duty and want to leave your significant other with a sexy souvenir by which to remember you in your absence, a boudoir photography session is perfect. Our female-owned and operated boudoir photography studio in Tempe, AZ specializes in high-quality boudoir photography, offers a military discount, and will provide a boudoir experience that’s unmatched in the industry! Contact us or call us at 480 495 5455 to schedule your session today!

Sultry Arizona Bridal Boudoir Photography

Summer is ending and that means Arizona’s wedding season is upon us! Boudoir photography makes the best gift for your hubby to be! We love working with engaged gals prior to their big day. And it is such a joy to learn about each unique love story during their boudoir photography session. When you are looking for a boudoir photographer we want you to know that at Le Boudoir Studio our team features kind and experienced photographers.

Photography at Le Boudoir Studio 

We know how important it is to give each of our clients a kind and talented photographer who knows how to coach them through each pose, and be their new BFF during their boudoir photography session. Just like our previous photographers, our two newest team members; Jenna and Traci know how to just that! Jodi Lynn and Sylvia are excited to grow the Le Boudoir Studio team and feature such wonderful women as studio photographers.

Le Boudoir Studio

Le Boudoir Studio

Le Boudoir Studio

Le Boudoir Studio

Le Boudoir Studio

Le Boudoir Studio

Free Boudoir Photo Session Special

Inspired by this bride to be, and want to do your own boudoir photography session with Jenna or Traci? Meet them at your next session. Click here to see our latest special for a FREE boudoir session! It features our Exclusive Set which is PERFECT for any bridal boudoir session. Give the girls in the studio a call, or contact us, and we can schedule your own session! 480-495-5455

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