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Honey I Was…

 How to sneak a boudoir session past your man!

At Le boudoir Studio, we know it can be hard for some gals to sneak away for a few hours without their hubby’s or significant others wondering what they are doing. And while we don’t advocate lying to your partner, it’s okay to make an excuse if it’s for the greater (and sexier) good.

Boudoir Photography Tips

Over the years we’ve heard some creative ideas from our amazing boudoir addicts and we want to share them with you! From make-up trials to a girls day work we’ve got you covered! Check out these fun excuses and let us know which one you think works best!

Honey I was

Ready for some fun?

Now that you know what to tell him, contact us today to schedule your sexy boudoir photography session. Don’t worry if he catches you, after he sees how amazing you look in your images and feel about yourself after the session, he won’t count it against you.

Le Boudoir Studio Tour

Welcome to our studio tour!

When Jodi Lynn opened the studio 7 years ago it was a dream come true! With hard work and dedication she was fortunate enough to build a space to fit her style, shooting needs, and be the perfect environment for our Boudoir Addicts to feel comfortable during their Arizona boudoir photography sessions. Our studio is now home to 10 different boudoir sets! Click here to check out our most popular sets!

Centrally located in Tempe, AZ we are 15 min away from Downtown Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ making us the perfect Scottsdale and Phoenix boudoir photography destination!

Natural Light Boudoir Photography Studio

When you book your indoor boudoir photography session with Le Boudoir Studio you will instantly feel like you have new best friends! As professional boudoir photographers and fellow boudoir addicts we know how intimidating a boudoir session can be. And that is why we have you covered! From scheduling your professional hair and make- up artist to styling you with accessories and jewelry before your photo session begins. We make sure your session with Le Boudoir Studio is the full experience, and as stress free as possible. Typically, the majority of photos we post, the sexy ladies are adorned with strands of pearls and rhinestone pieces from the Le Boudoir Studio accessory closet!

Photography by Jodi Lynn

Photography by Jodi Lynn

Photography by Jodi Lynn

Photography by Jodi Lynn

We hope you enjoyed our Le Boudoir Studio tour!

Come in and see it all in person at your boudoir photography session with us! Contact us or call 480 495 5455

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