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Firefighter themed bedroom photography session

We know men out there that daydream about their awesome lady in sexy photos have their own ideas. We are sure it has to do with sexy nurses, sexy French maids, ladies in jerseys etc – but have you ever thought about dressing up in his uniform?! We love our bedroom photography clients that come to us with a vision and some sort of inspiration for their “dress up” day. It is so much fun for Jodi Lynn to work closely with the ladies and help make their vision a reality.

Themed bedroom photography sessions add a little fun twist

One of our clients met her special honey on Match.com (CUTE!) and since they live away from each other she thought a bedroom photography session by Le Boudoir Studio would be the perfect gift! Her honey is the district fire chief] where he lives so she wanted to incorporate this theme into her shoot. She didn’t want to let him in on the secret of course so she borrowed a friend’s firefighter uniform so she could take bedroom photos for his special gift! What a super thoughtful and exciting way to surprise him. Since their relationship is long distance she was excited yet scared to find out what he would think about these photos so she sent him a teaser photo so he knows what his special gift is the next time they get to visit in person. Just by seeing the one picture he has already told her “this is magical!” Aww! Just wait until she presents the rest of the photos in person! Bedroom photography is really the gift that keeps on giving; especially when you’re far away from your loved one!

Surprise your honey with the gift of bedroom photography






Hair and make-up by: Beauty by Erica

We think Michelle is adorable and we are sure that her new honey will agree! What a lucky guy! If you have a theme or fun idea in mind for your very own bedroom photography session; contact us today!


Boudoir photography creates perfect wedding gift

If you are engaged and planning to wow your honey with an awesome gift Le Boudoir Studio has you covered girls! We specialize in bedroom photography and enjoy helping our clients create the perfect wedding gift. If there’s one gift that your hubby to be won’t soon forget; it’s you looking and feeling sexy in bedroom photos that are for his eyes only. How awesome will it feel when his jaw drops when he sees your sexy photos? We can pretty much guarantee it! We’ve been in this business long enough to know that the recipients of a bedroom photography session gift are always awed and fall in love with their special ladies all over again.

Want to “wow” your husband to be? We’ve got the perfect wedding gift in mind!

We have plenty of ways that you can share your awesome photos; check out our available Products on our website. During the time that you are planning your wedding there are way too many decisions to be made and getting your husband to be the perfect wedding gift should no longer be a hard one! Jodi Lynn, owner and photographer of the studio loves brides to be and would love to help you wow your honey with an awesome bedroom photography session!

Bedroom photography sessions create once in a lifetime gifts

Check out our most recent sexy bride to be that did just that:

Bedroom photography is super sexy and with our bed set with the white linens and natural light you are bound to look like heaven on earth. We can’t wait to help you create the perfect wedding gift. We can’t wait to meet you; call us today!


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