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The Women Behind the Lens: Meet Jodi Lynn and Traci

Meet Jodi Lynn and Traci, the women behind the lens and co-owners of Le Boudoir Studio. Jodi Lynn launched LBS in 2010, and Traci recently joined the team in 2016. As entrepreneurs, photographers, mothers, and part-time therapists, these #GirlBosses are changing the name of the game in the industry, with the mission to inspire self-love while empowering and inspiring confidence through boudoir and photography.

At age 24, Jodi Lynn attended her first boudoir photography workshop, and was inspired by the experience it created for women. A few months later, she launched Le Boudoir Studio, one of the first photography studios of its kind in Arizona.

“I was inspired by boudoir photography when I saw the great experience it created for women,” Jodi said. “As women, we often feel insecure about how we look. We are so hard on ourselves… Boudoir photography is all about breaking down that negativity and celebrating true beauty – making each women look and feel beautiful in her own way. It’s about empowerment and lifting each other up.”

While other boudoir studios focus on sex appeal and a “do it for your man” attitude, Le Boudoir Studio takes a different approach, focusing on a greater “why.” Jodi and Traci strive to make women of all ages and sizes feel empowered, not for a man, or someone else – but for themselves.

“As mothers ourselves, we never want our daughters to question why they don’t look this way or that way – we want them to feel beautiful as they are,” Traci said. “And while we cannot hide them from the unrealistic expectations of society, we can help boost them up with confidence and strength. That’s the same approach we take at our studio.”

Jodi and Traci focus getting to know each of their clients personally. From the time their clients book until they receive their prints, Jodi and Traci take the extra step to help promote self-love and true worth. More than a photo shoot, the Le Boudoir Studio experience is a one-of-a-kind transformation that lasts longer than just the shoot and extends beyond the photos.

Are you ready for a transformation in your life? Call us at 480-495-5455 to learn more, or book now online!

New Boudoir Photography Set at Le Boudoir Studio

Boudoir photography is a specialized type of photography. It requires a special boudoir photographer, perfect lighting and amazing photography sets. Le Boudoir Studio strives to offer amazing options to our wonderful clients. Including our latest set option, the Vixen Set! This new studio light set is perfect for the glamorous gal who wants some glitz.

Vixen Set Special!

We truly believe that the every- day woman should have the boudoir experience at least once in her lifetime. It’s such a fun and empowering time for a woman to see herself through the lens. Purchase our “Vixen Set” Special and see what a truly spectacular moment your boudoir photo shoot is! Check out the information below and click here to purchase this amazing special now! The ladies at Le Boudoir Studio can’t wait to have tons of fun working with each and every one of you!

What we’re offering:

Sexy Boudoir Photography Session on our New Vixen Set

Starting at $99

1 set, 1 outfit on our NEW vixen set

Hair and Make-Up Packages start at $150!

Add a little black book with your 10 favorite photos airbrushed for $250!

Add an additional outfit and double your time for $100/set on the following sets:

The Princess Set

Wrapped in Sheets (Silhouettes Included)

The Dream Set

Top Boudoir Photographer in Arizona

For the last 7 years Le Boudoir Studio has been Arizona’s premier boudoir photography studio. Jodi Lynn and her team of all female professional photographers deliver beautiful and timeless intimate photographs for every occasion. Contact or call 480 495 5455 to book a session today!

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