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Le Boudoir Studio – BRAG BLOG!

At Le Boudoir Studio, our work is about the women who walk through our door; to empower, encourage, and embrace them as they are and help them see the beauty that they hold. When you make your mission about others, it’s easy to stay humble and sometimes forget to celebrate the BIG WINS and at Le Boudoir, there are more than enough wins to go around! Jodi Lynn and the studio are proud to share their success, through local recognition and publications, here are the highlights and BEST OF moments along the way!

Arizona Foothills

Two years running, we’ve been rated “Best of Our Valley” boudoir photography studio! Check out our features for both years here, and here!

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Arizona Weddings

le boudoir studio_0019 le boudoir studio_0020

Beautiful Little Bride

Check out the entire session from this steamy couples boudoir session!

le boudoir studio_0021 le boudoir studio_0022

Bokeh Magazine

le boudoir studio_0023 le boudoir studio_0024 le boudoir studio_0025 le boudoir studio_0026

Wed Az

le boudoir studio_0027

Pretty Pear Bride

Le Boudoir Studio, pretty pear bride Boudoir_007 Le Boudoir Studio, pretty pear bride Boudoir_008

Le Boudoir Studio is always thrilled when the message of women empowerment reaches new eyes and ears, and we are so grateful to all of these wonderful publications for their support!

Naturally Beautiful Boudoir at Le Boudoir Studio

Last week, Miss Sylvia, let us know that her favorite set to photograph at Le Boudoir Studio is the Natural Set! It’s easy to see why, we literally strip down our natural light set and the focus centers in on the beautiful woman being photographed. It’s all about the curves, details expressions, and don’t forget the outfit! At Le Boudoir Studio, our photographers specialize in bringing together all of these elements to create naturally beautiful boudoir images.




The gals in the studio also love to help make YOU feel your best by assisting with styling before you start your session, and to be honest it’s one of our favorite parts of the process. We get to play dress up all day, who wouldn’t love that?! Sylvia jazzed up this blue lace-trimmed bodysuit with some gorgeous accessories from our closet, and we are feeling this look!

beautiful natural boudoir photography_0002 beautiful natural boudoir photography_0003 beautiful natural boudoir photography_0004 beautiful natural boudoir photography_0005 beautiful natural boudoir photography_0006 beautiful natural boudoir photography_0007




Has this beautiful boudoir photography session inspired you to schedule your own boudoir experience? Contact us, or give us a call directly at the studio for more information, 480-495-5455.

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