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New Year; New You with the help of Le Boudoir Studio

Tis the season for presents, bows, ribbons and resolutions! 2016 is rapidly approaching and we’re sure you may have some ideas or hopes for positive changes in the future. At Le Boudoir Studio we love to inspire, empower and encourage everyday women to embrace and show off their inner goddess by way of boudoir photography! Self-love and confidence is the foundation to a woman’s life skyrocketing into whatever she dreams. We hope this is the year you will “take the plunge” and will give yourself the gift of boudoir photography. New Year; new you!

Increase self-confidence with boudoir photography

This glamorous red-head client of our Tempe, Arizona studio did just that! One thing is for sure; the fabulous women we get the privilege of working with NEVER regret their time with Le Boudoir Studio! Not only do they get to have tons of fun getting ready and pampered before their shoot; their photos allow them to see themselves through new eyes. Time simply flies; there’s no time like the present to get your beautiful self to our studio. Let’s make 2016 YOUR year ladies. Boudoir photography is the way to go!

01 le boudoir studio new year new you 02 redhead boudoir photography 03 new year new you photography 04 boudoir photography 05 tempe az new year new you

We can help make 2016 your year!


We look forward to working with you beautiful! Contact Le Boudoir Studio today. Cheers to you.



Rockin’ the short hair – boudoir photography at Le Boudoir Studio

One of the most fun parts about being a woman is the fact that we get to change up our look as often as we’d like. This can mean; new makeup, hair-cut, hair color, or simply a new outfit! The possibilities are endless and sometimes simply necessary to ensure we’re feeling our absolute best. At Le Boudoir Studio; our entire mission is to help you feel your best through boudoir photography! Put your newfound make-over and our photography skills together and you’ll be on fire!

Brunette boudoir bombshell on the blog!

This super sweet client of ours shows us that you can rock the boudoir shoot; no matter what length of your hair! Some ladies think that in order to have your hair professionally done; you need to have a certain length of hair in order for the artists to work their magic, but that’s not the case! No matter how long or short your hair is; Le Boudoir Studio has you covered! We have so much fun getting you all dolled up and pampered so you’re ready for your tasteful boudoir photo session. Check out this adorable client on this week’s Le Boudoir Studio blog!

Short hair; don’t care!


01 brunette vixen boudoir 02 boudoir photography for short hair 03 black and white boudoir photography 04 le boudoir studio


We can’t get enough of our amazing boudoir clients! When you’re ready for the experience of a lifetime – contact us to schedule your own shoot!



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