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Arizona Foothills Best of Contest: Best Boudoir Photographer 2016

Le Boudoir Studio is privileged, thrilled and overjoyed to announce that we’ve been nominated for “Best Boudoir Photographer 2016” by Arizona Foothills for the second year in a row! Since the beginning stages of Le Boudoir Studio; the entire mission has been to share boudoir photography with as many lovely women that we can! At Le Boudoir Studio we truly believe the benefits of a boudoir shoot can last long after you leave our studio. Jodi Lynn is truly passionate about her niche of photography and strives to ensure every woman’s experience is nothing short of amazing.

Best Boudoir Photographer by Arizona Foothills


Best Boudoir Photographer
If you’re a Le Boudoir Studio fan; past/future client or anything in between; we’re hoping you’ll do us the favor of voting for us to win AGAIN for “Best Boudoir Photographer 2016” by Arizona Foothills. We truly love and appreciate every one of you! In fact we love and appreciate you so much that just for voting; liking our Facebook posts about the Arizona Foothills contest/commenting that you’ve voted enters you into our very own contest to win a $250 boudoir photography gift card to Le Boudoir Studio! We will announce the lucky winner once the Arizona Foothills contest is complete!

Please use this link to vote! You may vote up to once a day per email address. If you have multiple email addresses; you can really make your votes count. 😉

Vote for Le Boudoir Studio!

Le Boudoir Studio

Le Boudoir Studio

We thank you for your votes and hope that you will help make us Arizona Foothills’ “Best Boudoir Photographer 2016” again this year! Happy voting and good luck on winning the $250 gift card to our studio!


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I Am Woman Hear Me Roar Boudoir Photography

We’ve all heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” and it’s so true! At Le Boudoir Studio; photography is our number one passion and focus. There is nothing more amazing than capturing a specific moment in time with our clients. A stunning photograph will last a lifetime and will always be a lasting memory. We love it when a client can show off their personality via photography. That’s what it’s all about right? We want you to feel your absolute best and most comfortable when working with our awesome boudoir photographers at our Tempe, Arizona studio.

Rockin’ the curves boudoir photography

This particular boudoir client definitely rocked her boudoir shoot! She’s absolutely stunning in pink and her awesome personality is evident in these photos. We feel as though we can see her strength and her “I am woman! Hear me roar!” awesomeness shining through! We love how much fun she appears to be having; all while looking sexy and voluptuous. Her naturally beautiful and free hair added more personality to her photos as well; we can’t get enough!

Show off your personality with a boudoir shoot!

01 le boudoir studio rockin 02 le boudoir studio 03 naturally beautiful boudoir 04 boudoir photography 05 pretty in pink boudoir

We love it when a client feels comfortable enough with us to simply be her beautiful and authentic self. It clearly shows in the amazing photos!


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