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Beyoncé styled boudoir photography shoot in Tempe, Arizona

Have you ever wanted to be a real life diva? Think Mariah Carey, Madonna, Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé; those ladies have got it going on! At Le Boudoir Studio we are in love with all things boudoir photography related. We’re all about bringing out the inner diva in our boudoir clients; we all have one! 😉 Whether you’ve been dreaming about a boudoir photography theme for your shoot or you’re totally clueless, Le Boudoir Studio is here every step of the way.

Boudoir photography inspired by diva Beyoncé

Le Boudoir Studio recently had so much fun recreating some popular Beyoncé music video scenes with our lovely lady on camera.  She decided to do a Beyoncé inspired boudoir photography shoot based on the artist unexpected 2013 release: self titled: Beyoncé. It takes an absolute diva to do just that! This album was digitally released to the iTunes store without any announcement or advertising and it became the fastest selling album in the history of the iTunes store! This amazing boudoir shoot was a tribute to Beyoncé and her amazing fifth studio release. In fact our Le Boudoir Studio diva loves what Beyoncé is representing with this album: a cohesive visual & audio creation that shows a full, multi-faceted portrait of womanhood. Cheers to that!

Bring out your inner diva at Le Boudoir Studio

The Le Boudoir Studio diva in comparison to Beyoncé the diva:

Le Boudoir Studio

1 rocket - beyonce

Le Boudoir Studio

2 rocket - beyonce

Le Boudoir Studio

2 partition - beyonce

Le Boudoir Studio

1 partition- beyonce

Le Boudoir Studio

2 flawless - beyonce

Le Boudoir Studio

1 flawless - beyonce

Here are the videos that these awesome looks came from:






Can you say wowza?! Our girl totally rocked it; we hope we would make Beyoncé proud! If you’ve got inspiration for your upcoming boudoir shoot at our Tempe, Arizona studio; please share! We’re all about having fun and making your shoot all about you. Haven’t an idea about what you’d like for your photos? Don’t fret; we have lots of ideas too! We are so excited about this Beyoncé themed boudoir photography shoot; we hope this inspires more ladies to bring out their inner diva! Contact us today.


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Couples maternity boudoir photography at Le Boudoir Studio

When a woman is pregnant; people tend to say “you’ve got that pregnancy glow!” Pregnancy is a beautiful thing during a woman’s life. As her belly grows, so does her excitement and anticipation for the new little bundle of joy that will soon arrive. Some women feel even more beautiful during their pregnancies; as they should! Le Boudoir Studio loves mommies to be. The Tempe, Arizona studio specializes in boudoir photography for women.

Maternity boudoir with a twist

This week we’re talking about maternity boudoir photography! Showing off the baby bump can be so much fun. Le Boudoir Studio wants to pamper you; especially as a mommy to be! Think professional hair and make-up and feeling absolutely fabulous. Your pregnancy is a special time in your life that will probably go quicker than you realize. A stunning maternity boudoir photography session is a unique and awesome way to capture this journey. We also encourage the future daddy to join in on the maternity photography fun! Capturing a mommy and daddy’s excitement for their new bundle of joy is something Le Boudoir Studio has so much fun with.

Couples boudoir photography

01 le boudoir studio maternity boudoir 02 maternity boudoir 03 maternity boudoir le boudoir studio 04 black and white maternity boudoir 05 maternity photography 06 maternity photography le boudoir studio 07 le boudoir studio maternity boudoir 08 moody maternity boudoir 09 maternity boudoir photography 10 boudoir photography 11 couples maternity photography 12 couples maternity photography le boudoir studio

Let’s celebrate your pregnancy with a photography shoot! Le Boudoir Studio will help you feel and look your absolute best during this very special time in your life. We can’t wait to meet you! Contact the studio today.



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