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Moody boudoir photography at Le Boudoir Studio

Boudoir photography at Le Boudoir Studio is so much fun! Whether you want to book a sweet boudoir photography shoot or a sexy vixen boudoir photography shoot; we’ve got options for you! Jodi Lynn and Jackalyn; our boudoir photographers are fantastically talented! Jodi and Jackalyn know how to use the proper lighting, camera settings, and of course stunning poses to ensure your photos come out amazing!

Dark themed boudoir photography

Once you’ve got your first outfit on and your professional hair and make-up; you’re ready for your boudoir shoot! Now the photographers’ magic begins! The lighting and background set the tone for your boudoir photography shoot. Depending on the “theme” or “mood” you’re setting up for your shoot; dark lighting and bright lighting can make all the difference. This week’s blog is featuring an awesome lady rocking a moody boudoir photography session. The proper use of the light(s) cast the right shadows and make focus on our awesome subject (aka sexy vixen!)

Le Boudoir Studio shows off their moody side of boudoir

We figure with the upcoming 50 Shades of Grey movie craze; it’s the perfect time to show off a sexy vixen like this!

01 le boudoir studio moody 02 le boudoi studio moody photography 03 moody boudoir photography 04 moody boudoir photography le boudoir studio 05 moody boudoir photography tempe 06 le boudoir studio 07 le boudoir studio moody boudoir photography

Playing dress up and creating amazing boudoir photos is what Le Boudoir Studio does! You can see previous boudoir photography sessions on previous a previous blog using this same type of lighting/theme to get even more ideas for your own shoot. Contact Le Boudoir Studio today!


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Fresh boudoir photography options at Le Boudoir Studio

Welcome to a brand new year! Le Boudoir Studio has lots of exciting things going on and we’re looking forward to another great year. Boudoir photography has become more and more popular as the years go on; we can’t say we’re surprised. Building confident women who feel fabulous is something more people should get on board with in our opinion! The Tempe, Arizona studio has grown immensely since the beginning and Jodi Lynn, owner and photographer; is always looking for new ways to keep the boudoir photography options fresh.

Fresh and new boudoir photography options

Le Boudoir Studio has recently added a brand new boudoir photography wall set. Jodi Lynn and Jackalyn (our boudoir photographers) are fantastically talented and will be able to coach you through your entire boudoir session. You may think there’s not much you can do with a wall, but you’d be surprised! J New photography sets allow us to keep the boudoir photography styles fresh and new. If you have yet to book your boudoir session with Le Boudoir Studio; you’re missing out on the fun! Make 2015 the year you embrace your femininity and we’ll have you feeling fabulous in no time.

Le Boudoir Studio wants to make you feel fab!

This is a fantastically vulnerable boudoir shoot on our brand new photography set!

01 boudoir photography wall set 02 boudoir photography wall set le boudoir studio 03 le boudoir studio boudoir photography wall set 04 jodi lynn le boudoir studio 05 boudoir photography 06 boudoir photography set 07 boudoir photography tempe az 08 fresh new boudoir photography set

Le Boudoir Studio can’t wait to work with you next! Contact the studio to book your boudoir photography session soon.


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