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Bald and Beautiful project boudoir photography by Le Boudoir Studio

In April 2014 we were excited to announce that we had partnered with The Bald and Beautiful Project. The Bald and Beautiful Project was founded in 2014 by Jaime of Jaime Davis Photography to encourage and empower women who have been diagnosed with or survived cancer. Due to personal experience with a friend; Jaime found the need to bring awareness to the fact that women who lose their hair during cancer treatment may need a little boost and reminder that they are still gorgeous! We’re excited to share our first Bald and Beautiful Project beauty – Karie!

Cancer patients and survivors are getting their boudoir photography on!

Our first Bald and Beautiful project gorgeous lady is a sweetheart by the name of Karie.

We want to share some of Karie’s story…

What kind of cancer are you going through?

The full name of it is Diffuse Large B Cell Mediastinal Lymphoma. It is a rare type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

How old were you when you were diagnosed? What was your reaction?

I was diagnosed in July 2013 at the age of 25. Long story short I went to urgent care thinking I was getting an allergy shot and got myself 3 surgeries and 11 days in the hospital (9 of which were in the ICU.  I started chemotherapy that next week as an outpatient. I went every 3 weeks for 8 cycles. I worked the entire time I was going through chemo and I even continued to play softball and live my normal life. I went for scans about every 2 months and the progress was good… the tumor was shrinking and the chemo seemed to be working! My last chemo was 12/12/13 and I was to go for scans 6 weeks after that to see if the cancer was gone…. Well at the end of January I found out that the tumor was significantly smaller 3 cm by 5 mm, however it was still active. So I met with a ton of specialists who deal specifically with lymphomas and decided to go through with a stem cell transplant. So on March 13th I was admitted to Scottsdale Healthcare Shea for 7 days of high dose chemo therapy followed by a stem cell transplant or rescue as they call it. I was in the hospital for another week waiting for my blood counts to normalize somewhat and then I was able to return home under strict restrictions due to my weakened immune system. I was on restriction for a while, trying to slowly build myself back up to normal function. Finally on May 27th, 2014 I got cleared to go back to work!

Has having cancer changed your perspective?

I don’t really think it’s changed my perspective because I am really not letting it change my life. Yes it is something that I am dealing with but it is just another curve ball in my life that I have to learn how to hit! I still go to work, I still play softball, I hang out with my friends and so on. When I started chemo, the doctor told me that I would lose my hair within 12-14 days. About day 12 my hair started coming out in clumps, I would run my fingers through my hair and just have handfuls left in my hands. That night I had my close group of friend over for dinner and I decided that I was not going to wait for it to fall out so I along with my close friends shaved it off! At first I thought I would want to hide my baldness behind a wig or a wrap so I went out and bought a really expensive gorgeous wig. I wore it maybe once of a few hours and then decided you know what I am not ashamed of my bald head. I am a physical therapist who works with people with deformities or prosthetic limbs and I always encourage my patients to be proud of their scars and wounds, so I decided that I was just going to rock the bald head and I have been bald since last August!

Who is helping you through this time and how? 

My family and my friends have been wonderful! They have been so supportive and the best part is that they treat me like a normal person, not some sick cancer ridden girl. Every time I’m in the hospital I’m never alone my family and friends are always there!

What advice would you give to anyone else going through a similar situation?

Just take one day at a time, and deal with things as they come up. Don’t dwell on the cancer diagnosis. Live you life as normally as you can. Stay busy and don’t sit around waiting to feel sick or sorry for yourself!

What do you think about your experience with Le Boudoir Studio? 

I will admit that I was really nervous when I signed up to do this… I would have never though that this would be something I would do even without a bald head lol. The reason I decided to participate in this was because I want to help people feel good about themselves and feel comfortable with who they are bald or not. I had an amazing time at my shoot. Jodi was wonderful and took some amazing photos… I never knew I could feel that beautiful and even sexy! I would recommend this experience to anyone!

What would you tell other women about Le Boudoir studio that are going through a similar thing?

Le Boudoir Studio and The Bald and Beautiful Project are doing a great thing for people going through cancer…. If you have the chance to participate in a shoot don’t pass it up. It will boost your confidence and you will have so much fun!

Check out Karie below in her Bald and Beautiful project shoot:

bald and beautiful project boudoir photography bald and beautiful project boudoir photos le boudoir studio bald and beautiful

bald and beautiful le boudoir studio bald and beautiful project boudoir photo le boudoir studio partners with bald and beautiful project

bald and beautiful project le boudoir studio

This shoot has been featured in WedAZ Magazine’s Summer 2014 issue!

We want to thank Karie for opening up and sharing her experience. Karie has such a great attitude; we’re inspired by you Karie!

The Bald and Beautiful Project – a noble cause

If you or someone you know would be a great candidate for a Bald and Beautiful Project shoot; email! You can submit for yourself or nominate a cancer patient or survivor. As a Le Boudoir Studio Bald and Beautiful photography model you will receive a FREE boudoir shoot with Jodi Lynn of Le Boudoir Studio. Your session will include 2 outfits on our Princess and/or Natural set and professional make-up! We’ll also have our professional artist available should you want to style your favorite wig for some of the photos; it’s completely up to you and what you feel most comfortable with! This shoot is all about YOU! After your shoot; you will receive 20 edited images within a couple weeks of the session! You are always welcome (and encouraged) to add any of Le Boudoir Studio’s awesome boudoir photography products from your session!

 Please note that you must sign a model release so that your images may be used in promotion of the project. Scheduling of the shoot will be subject to studio/photographer availability, but we can’t wait to work with you!

Comment below and you’ll be entered in our contest to win a boudoir gift card!


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The Crave Company and Le Boudoir Studio

Le Boudoir Studio is a featured business for The Crave Company. Check out Le Boudoir Studio in the Crave Directory! The entire mission of The Crave Company is to connect like-minded women whether they are entrepreneurs, working women or stay at home mommies. Melody, the owner of Crave asked the studio to write a piece on “Identity” – check it out here and below!

It’s an interesting question: “How do other people view us versus how we view ourselves?” This is an especially interesting topic when it comes to women. As women, we have the tendency to pick ourselves apart. We all remember the Dove video with the sketch artist having women describe themselves versus having someone else describe them. It was an incredible realization that women view themselves in such a distorted fashion.

Could you see yourself through the eyes of another?

See the Dove video here:

At Le Boudoir Studio in Tempe, Arizona we have the pleasure of working with many different women; everyday women who are taking the chance to allow themselves to be pampered and turned into “supermodels!” It’s an incredible experience. When the women first come in they are typically shy and not sure what to expect. As the transformation of professional hair and make-up begins you start to see these women coming out of their shells. Once they’re ready to start their boudoir shoots; they usually start to really feel like supermodels. They’re happy and confident yet there’s always the looming “flaws” that they still make notice of.

Le Boudoir Studio wants you to embrace your beauty

Le Boudoir Studio wants women to embrace themselves in all of their beauty. We not only want women to view themselves as beautiful before and during their boudoir shoots, but we want the confidence boost to last long after they leave our studio. We see them in their true beauty and hope that we can help the women we work with identify with and recognize their own beauty for years to come!

Le Boudoir Studio will be hosting a CRAVE Fuel event on July 29, 2014 where you’re invited to join us for a night of inspiration, empowerment and maybe even a hug or two! We’re helping to create a community of women to support each other through business, friendships and beyond. 🙂 Stay tuned for more details…


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