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Different sets to explore at Le Boudoir Studio

If you have to yet to explore the option of boudoir photography – you’re missing out! Le Boudoir Studio prides itself on helping women feel and look their absolute best. Whether you want an indoor boudoir shoot or an outdoor boudoir shoot – the options are always there for you. Boudoir photography is really all about YOU. You get to choose the outfits, the lighting and the sets.

Le Boudoir Studio boudoir photography sets

Owner and photographer, Jodi Lynn prides herself on reinventing the options she has to offer at the studio. The studio has been transformed since the beginning of its existence and this is all because of Jodi Lynn’s drive and tenacity. When she sets out to do something – watch out world! As a woman herself, she understands the importance of offering options to her clients. Not every client has the same vision for their boudoir shoot and she wants to ensure every client is satisfied and is happy with the boudoir set options.

Choose the boudoir photography set that suits you

Sexy Sets

Le Boudoir Studio Bombshell set Le Boudoir Studio Diva Set Le Boudoir Studio Hollywood set

Le Boudoir Studio Supermodel Set

Sweet sets:

Natural Set Le Boudoir Studio
Le Boudoir Studio Pin Up set

Dream Set Le Boudoir Studio

Princess Set Le Boudoir Studio

Le Boudoir Studio sunny Sweetheart set

If you’re ready to make your boudoir photography dreams come true, call us today.



Show off your personality by way of boudoir photography

While some women love the idea of getting their picture taken; others cringe at the idea of it. Le Boudoir Studio’s owner and photographer Jodi Lynn wants to change that mindset. Jodi Lynn wants women to embrace their inner and outer beauty and encourages women to show it off with a boudoir photography shoot. Boudoir photography is not always about being scantily clad; it can mean whatever YOU want it to mean. Le Boudoir Studio is all about women showing off their personalities during their boudoir shoots.

Boudoir photography is all about YOU!

The Tempe, Arizona studio has different set and lighting options depending on the type of shoot you want. You can check out the Le Boudoir Studio Facebook page to view albums of some of our past shoots to get an idea of what you might want! On this week’s blog we’re featuring a beautiful lady who shows off her hippie chic personality during her boudoir shoot! She opted to wear an outfit she felt comfortable in and incorporated a guitar for some added “personality”. It’s a fantastic concept and we’re happy to share this week’s boudoir photography session with you!

Boudoir photography + personality = PRICELESS!

boudoir personality boudoir photography all about you boudoir photography personality le boudoir studio personality boudoir shoot personality boudoir shoot

If you’re ready to make your boudoir photography personality shine; we’d be happy to work with you! Call us today.



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