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Featured lingerie from our partner Love and Lace

Owner and photographer Jodi Lynn is all about partnering up with other entrepreneurs in order to create lasting business relationships. There is definitely something to be said about growing your own business; all the while helping others to build theirs too! We announced our partnership with Love and Lace in a previous blog and now we are showing off some of their fantastic options for your upcoming sexy photography shoots!

Love and Lace has all of your sexy lingerie needs covered

Some of the fantastic ladies who have booked their sexy photography shoots with Le Boudoir Studio have shopped at our partner Love and Lace. They were personally helped by the owner Alexandra to find the perfect look for their shoots. We are sure it was a lot of fun having a personal shopper style them! The sexy photography experience is all about feeling beautiful and pampered after all.

Playing dress up has never been more fun!

Check out our girl showing off some Love and Lace top picks:

Love and Lace and Le Boudoir Studio

Le Boudoir Studio and Love and Lace Le Boudoir Studio partner Love and Lace Le Boudoir Studio partners with lingerie store Love and Lace

Check out Love and Lace’s website to see what they have going on and schedule your sexy photography shoot with us and don’t forget to shop at Love and Lace! We look forward to working with you soon! Contact us soon!



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A behind the scenes look at Le Boudoir Studio

We recently had some fabulous Le Boudoir Studio previous clients come into the studio to talk on camera about their boudoir experience. We wanted past and future clients to really get a sense of what to expect straight from the ladies who have worked with Jodi Lynn and the studio! During the client testimonials, we also had one of our fabulous hair and make-up artists Erica and our very own Be-YOU-tiful blogger Tianna join us in the studio to do their very own interview. We figure what better way to really get to know owner/photographer Jodi Lynn than from those who work directly with her?

Get to know owner and photographer Jodi Lynn better!

If you’ve ever been on the fence about scheduling your sexy photography session with Jodi Lynn; we encourage you to watch the below video. It will explain how you will feel before, during and after your shoot. As the hair and make-up artist and blogger of Le Boudoir Studio we have seen many women’s shoots and get to see how they transform. It is so much fun working with Jodi Lynn and especially getting to see her beautiful work and how it impacts every woman who comes into the studio.

Wonder what Le Boudoir Studio is all about? Watch this video!

Anyone who has worked with Jodi Lynn will agree that she is a total sweetheart! Not only is she extremely professional but she is truly passionate about this line of work. When people share their reactions with her or she hears about how the recipient of the boudoir gift reacted; she is truly honored and happy to have been able to create such a special moment. Erica of Beauty by Erica shows off her talents by way of hair and make-up and as you can see in most of the photos we showcase on Facebook and the blog; her passion and talent shine through! Tianna is the writer and blogger and loves to connect with her readers by writing from the heart. Blend all of these women together and you have an amazing environment to bring out your inner boudoir vixen!

We truly love all of the clients we have worked with. We hope you enjoy the video and it helps you get a sense of what the Le Boudoir Studio experience is all about! Get on our schedule today!



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