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Hollywood style boudoir photography

There’s something so classic about the vintage era. If you know anything about Le Boudoir Studio’s fabulous photographer Jodi Lynn, then you know she loves the vintage era and antiques! We recently announced that we have a new Hollywood style boudoir photography set and it’s only natural that we show it off!

Vintage style photography at Le Boudoir Studio

When it comes to professional boudoir photography it’s important that you schedule your hair and make-up to be done by one of our professional hair and make-up artists! Our professional lighting will tone down “everyday” makeup 30-50% so having a professional makeup artist do your makeup the day of the shoot is not only part of the overall bombshell experience, it will ensure you have stunning photographs. Our beauty artists really know how to add some extra “Va Va Voom”!

Professional hair and make-up is a huge part of the boudoir experience

Additionally, having your hair done for a boudoir session is so important. It will make you feel amazing and look fabulous because our artists know how to style specifically for incredible images. We all know the dreaded “bad hair days” that us girls deal with and we definitely don’t want you experiencing that on the day of your shoot! Check out our FAQ for more tips!

Check out our girl on our Hollywood style boudoir bed set. Of course she opted for professional hair and make-up because she wanted to look the vintage part and boy did she! She loves the whole vintage feel just as Jodi Lynn does; this was a super fun shoot for both of them. Her photos are flirty yet fun!

Check out the photos below:

Hollywood style lighting

Hollywood style boudoir

Vintage boudoir

Vintage photography

Black and white boudoir

Hollywood vintage boudoir

Black and white boudoir photography

Light vintage photography

Classic vintage boudoir photography

Vintage style photography

Vintage hair and make up



Previous clients’ video testimonials about their boudoir experience

In the world of technology that we all live in; any information we could ever dream of wanting is at our fingertips. With the creation of websites such as – it makes it easy for us to find the best of the best by simple word of mouth marketing. At Le Boudoir Studio we have been flattered by many awesome and heartfelt client testimonials by way of our Love Notes, Yelp reviews and Google reviews! Jodi Lynn could not be more honored or thankful for all the kind words and referrals she’s received over the past 3 years. Keep ‘em coming ladies- they mean so much!

Video testimonials by past boudoir photography clients

As a testament to all the love we have received (THANK YOU!), we thought it would be fun to get some of our lovely previous clients in the studio to chat on camera about their boudoir experience. If you’ve ever thought about getting into the studio to have your very own shoot; we hope these video testimonials will help you get a real sense of what Jodi Lynn and the rest of us are all about at the studio! We seriously think there’s no better way to understand how these women feel than by seeing and hearing them. They are real and everyday fabulous women who were able to feel beautiful, confident and like “supermodels!”

Listen to real and everyday women talk about their Le Boudoir Studio experience!

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Check out the amazing client video testimonials below:

To see the fabulous ladies in their individual interviews… check them out below:





We whole heartedly appreciate the lovely ladies taking time to share about their personal experiences with Le Boudoir Studio. It truly meant the world to Jodi Lynn! These real and everyday fabulous women decided to have the entire boudoir experience and as you can see; they are so happy that they did! Their heartfelt words were felt by all at the studio and we hope that we get to create much more boudoir experiences for women all over! Thank you for allowing Jodi Lynn’s passion and talent to shine and thank you for spreading the good word about Le Boudoir Studio’s hard work. It means more than you know! If you want to share the videos simply go to the Le Boudoir Studio YouTube channel and share away!

Like what you heard? Contact us to work directly with Jodi Lynn! You won’t regret it 😉



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