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Outdoor couple’s boudoir photography in Prescott, Arizona

Outdoor photography is one of the most awesome ways to be a part of a professional photography session. There is a lot of thought that goes into an outdoor photography shoot due to lighting. This is why hiring the right photographer who understands how the outdoor lighting works is important and our professional photographer Jodi Lynn definitely understands this, which means our clients are sure to receive pictures of a lifetime! Jodi Lynn, owner and photographer of Le Boudoir Studio loves getting outdoors. In fact, those are some of her favorite and fun shoots to do!

Jodi Lynn knows how to get the lighting just right for an outdoor photography shoot

Recently, Jodi Lynn was able to make her long time dream of shooting outdoor boudoir in Prescott, Arizona a reality! We were able to show you our hair/make up artists’ outdoor bridal photography shoot in a recent blog. Not only did Jodi Lynn photograph the beautiful Erica, but we were able to have a sexy couple get in on the action! Couples boudoir photography is a unique and intimate way to show off the love and intimacy between two people. We believe more couples should do this! This couple is a wonderful example to show that the flame doesn’t die even after many years of marriage! You can see the love and chemistry oozing from the couples boudoir photos. They are totally in synch and in love…it’s so sweet, yet hot hot hot!

Outdoor couples boudoir photography session is sexy, even after years of marriage!

The bed in the outdoor setting made for absolutely stunning photographs. Couples boudoir photography is so much fun! Jodi Lynn is a professional photographer who will always pose the couple and make sure the process is fun and never uncomfortable. Are you and your honey ready to get your very own couples boudoir session? We look forward to hearing from you, contact us!












Is intimate photography for you?

If you know anything about how Le Boudoir Studio and the owner/photographer Jodi Lynn, then you know that the reason why Jodi Lynn opened the studio in the first place! Jodi Lynn’s passion is intimate photography and anytime she can make one of her clients feel beautiful; she is ecstatic as that is her number one goal! Check out her video testimonial about how Le Boudoir Studio came to be!

Find out why Jodi Lynn opened Le Boudoir Studio in Tempe, Arizona

Jodi Lynn strives to make each and every client who books an intimate photography session with her feel super comfortable throughout the entire process. She makes sure that every client has all her questions answered before, after and during the process. In fact; you can check out FAQ section to aid in the process of answering any burning questions you may have yourself!

Jodi Lynn’s sweet client makes a video about her experience at Le Boudoir Studio

When Jodi Lynn can make a special connection with one of her clients; she is humbled and appreciative. This was the case with one of her most recent clients Dara. Dara has a very sweet personality about her. In fact, she hasn’t been shy in letting people know how much she loves Jodi Lynn/Le Boudoir Studio! She loves us so much that she even made a video! The video walks you through her entire decision making process as she tried to decide if intimate photography was indeed for her. She researched and decided to choose Le Boudoir Studio. As you watch the video she explains how she would recommend anyone to Le Boudoir Studio and that she got to be Dara for her two hour session, meaning she is a mama and a wife, but the session time was just about her! This is exactly why we believe every woman should do an intimate photography session! Jodi Lynn was brought to tears of joy during the video and was reminded of why she’s in the intimate photography business! Check out the video below and her session photos included in the video and let us know what you think!

Here are the pictures featured on Dara’s video:

Thanks Dara! You really made Le Boudoir Studio’s day! Check out Dara’s YouTube Channel, personal blog: Living My Someday and follow her on Twitter!



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