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Le Boudoir Studio can’t get enough of fun pin up boudoir photography

You may have noticed that we’ve been enjoying photographing and showing off lots of pin up boudoir and it’s simply because it’s all the rage! It is super fun to photograph and be photographed as a pin up boudoir vixen. We ladies love to play dress up and especially at Le Boudoir Studio. Our lovely pin up boudoir hair/makeup artist Erica is super talented and ensures every lady who sits in her chair comes out looking like they are straight from the 1940’s era.

Yep, even a boudoir photographer is getting in on the fun at Le Boudoir Studio!

Our most recent fun pin up session was extra special to owner/boudoir photographer Jodi Lynn since the client is a boudoir photographer herself! It is always such an honor to Jodi Lynn for another photographer, yet another boudoir photographer to choose her to do her own session. Jodi had so much fun and I’m sure the ladies had fun comparing notes and giving each other advice about their passions. We are all so lucky to have such talented ladies in the world.

Tempe, Arizona boudoir studio will transform you into a pin up vixen

Check out this boudoir photographer enjoying her time on the other side of the lens…

We think she’s a natural! If you’d like to be a part of the fun pin up boudoir photography craze don’t forget about our upcoming pin up boudoir marathon on July 17-20, 2013!

We are booking fast so get your sexy spot reserved. Jodi Lynn absolutely loves this specific genre of boudoir photography and will ensure that you are posed and look great for your very own shoot. We can’t wait to hear from you beautiful. Contact us today!


Boudoir photography after a major weight loss

For some women the thought of being naked is downright frightening. Add a camera in the mix and most women are heading for the hills! Although at Le Boudoir Studio we believe there’s something about intimate photography that is very empowering for a woman. Most women would think that an intimate photography session is only acceptable if you have a significant other to share your sexy pictures with. Why is that we wonder? If a woman wants to have sexy photos taken of herself and she’s a single woman or with someone who may not appreciate them (which is just a whole other story honey) then why can’t she simply schedule herself to do so?! Intimate photography is just that…intimate. Why not be so comfortable in your own skin that you want to love and be comfortable with your intimate self?

Le Boudoir Studio believes intimate photography should be all about you!

Our client Natalie is a perfect example of this! Natalie made the decision to get healthy and lose the weight that was literally weighing her down. After a lot of hard work you can clearly see that her decision paid off! You go girl!


Sexy photos can and should be all about you baby!

Natalie decided that once she hit a certain weight goal that she would book an intimate photography session with Jodi Lynn of Le Boudoir Studio. This was a gift to herself and her honey to show off her hot new body. There was a time where she would have probably hid herself from the camera, but that is not the case anymore! We found it refreshing that a woman is commemorating her awesome journey with an intimate photography session!

So if you love Le Boudoir Studio’s work, then why haven’t you contacted us to book your shoot? 🙂 No more excuses little ladies! We would love to have a day where you are the star of your very own intimate photography shoot!


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