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We love Dove and the message they convey to women around the world

If one thing is for sure; it is that at Le Boudoir Studio we love love love women! We mean ALL women! Let’s face it ladies, us gals have to stick together in this sometimes crazy world. If you’re a reader of our blogs (and we sure hope you are!) you know that Le Boudoir Studio was created based on  Jodi Lynn’s passion for helping women feel beautiful. Over at the all girl’s studio, we sure love this “mission” and are all about creating a comfortable and inviting environment at the studio for all of our clients. When it comes to intimate photography, women will most likely shy away from it because of their insecurities about their own body image. This makes us sad! As women we pick ourselves apart way too much. Of course the media that we see most of the time doesn’t help matters usually, but we want women to embrace themselves as they are. No one should ever love you more than you love yourself. In fact, that reminds me of a quote from Samantha’s Sex and the City- “I love you, but I love me more.” How profound!  You must always love yourself; every ounce of you!

Le Boudoir Studio loves Dove’s body image advertising and hopes that more women will partake in intimate photography!

If there is anything that Dove has done for women all around the world; it is convey such awesome messages in their advertisements that ALL women are beautiful and deserve to feel so. Check out  to see what we mean! We love their campaigns speaking to young girls and women alike. We feel more companies should do more advertising like Dove! For some of Dove’s marketing photos; they used real women, curves and all in nothing but bras and panties…talk about intimate photography! We’re talking no hiding under covers, no fancy lingerie, just beautiful women showing off their beautiful selves in the simplest form. Check out some examples below…

Jodi Lynn’s passion is intimate photography and her mission is to make all women feel beautiful!

The true inspiration for this particular blog comes from not only Le Boudoir Studio’s mission statement, but from a Dove video that was shared with us that brings us to tears (HAPPY ONES!) It is such an emotional and raw statement about how women view themselves versus how the outside world perceives them. We’d like to call it an “aha moment” and hope that you enjoy it just as much as we did…

Let us know what you think about the video and what impact it may have had on you! We sure hope you are ready to partake in some intimate photography yourself just to show how much you love yourself! Thanks again to Dove for the inspiring video and awesome message “Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. At Dove, we are committed to creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety” – We couldn’t agree more!


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Plus size boudoir photography for Tempe, Scottsdale and Phoenix ladies

From the moment we are little girls from one avenue to another we are surrounded with images and ideals of what women “should” look like. We see women in magazines, on television and on the runways, modeling with their thin bodies. It can set an unhealthy tone for a girl’s life if she is naturally curvy. There is no way that a naturally curvy woman will be able to exercise or diet enough to fit into a size zero, nor should she want to! 🙂 Every woman is built in different ways and learning to embrace yourself and your body (yes all of it!) will promote more happiness and acceptance in life.

Jodi Lynn, photographer and owner of Le Boudoir Studio believes plus size boudoir photography is so much fun!

Jodi Lynn, owner of Le Boudoir Studio shoots intimate photography at her Tempe, Arizona studio. She loves meeting, interacting and even befriending some of her awesome clients! Jodi Lynn has seen many types of women come into the studio for their intimate photography shoots for many reasons and with many different attitudes towards the entire boudoir experience! Some women are very confident in front of the camera while others are not so comfortable once the camera is in front of them. Either way, Jodi Lynn is an absolute professional and will always ensure her clients feel comfortable and that their intimate photographs come out spectacular!

Images from this session were featured on the Huffington Post! Be sure to check out the images here!


Check out these photos and the client testimonial video of her experience at the studio…

Purple/black lingerie below can be found at our partner Lingerie Superstores in Tempe and Phoenix, Arizona!

Intimate photography is for each and every woman; no matter her dress size!

At Le Boudoir Studio we throw all of that “ideal” woman image garbage out of the window! We are here for each and every woman and believe that intimate photography is something every woman should partake in, no matter her dress size! We believe that plus size intimate photography is a beautiful thing! Any woman can look beautiful on camera and trust us once you see yourself all done up, you will FEEL beautiful too! This is why Jodi Lynn does what she does! Being able to make women and especially plus size women feel comfortable partaking in boudoir photography is an incredible feeling. We wish that more women would love themselves enough to be the pioneers for plus size boudoir photography. There is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman in our opinion. We wish we could erase any negative images or self-talk that us women have created in our own minds based on things we’ve been told, “ideal” women images and our own silly comparisons to the petite ladies. We believe ALL women are beautiful and deserve to feel so…period! Book your plus size intimate photography session with us and you’ll see what we mean!

This shoot is featured on the Boudoir International blog!

We were also published in Pretty Pear Bride Magazine! Check out the images from the magazine spread below and check it out for yourself here!



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