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50 Shades of Grey inspired boudoir photography session

“Forget about the rules. Forget about those details for tonight. I want you. I’ve wanted you since you fell into my office, and I know you want me.” ~ Christian Grey

Ladies if you have not heard about the 50 Shades of Grey craze, you must be living under a rock! 🙂 Kidding! Seriously though, it is incredible to see women all over embracing their sexuality and sensuality in such an open fashion in this day and age. These books have taken girl talk to a whole new level! Any lady that has read the 50 Shades of Grey books probably must admit that they have a crush on this fictional character Christian Grey. There is something definitely hot about a man taking control of the woman that is the object of his sexual affection.

Le Boudoir Studio is all about women and sees nothing wrong with some tasteful boudoir photography for the adventurous! Some women like to come in to the studio and be themselves and others want to show their “alter boudoir ego” on camera. We are good with both types of shoots! We always want to ensure that you are having so much fun during your entire boudoir experience. After all, it is not everyday you opt to do a boudoir photography session.

No matter how risque or shall we say “hint of naughty” you would like to take your session, we always ensure that your photos will come out as tasteful glamour photography. Le Boudoir Studio wants you to be a hot sexy vixen but we also want you to feel and look like a lady at all times. We are sure that you have many ideas of your very own and of course, we do too; together we are sure to come up with the most fantastic tasteful boudoir for the adventurous shoot! Boudoir photography is our passion and we always have so much fun with all of our amazing clients. We believe in women having self confidence and taking control of their lives. This is why it was so amazing when our client came to us for her boudoir photography session definitely wanting to tap into her alter boudoir ego with a 50 Shades of Grey boudoir photography inspired session! It was oh so fun and super hot!


Handcuffs, whips and ties…oh my! Although it is not your average girl next door boudoir photography; we believe that this is still tasteful glamour photography with an added twist. Our girl still looks as beautiful as can be! Tasteful boudoir for the adventurous is so fun and right up our alley! We have some fun stuff coming up with this theme in the next few months…stay tuned! If you like this idea or another alter boudoir ego style idea, let us know, we’d love to make it a reality! Contact us today!

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Get your boudoir photography lingerie at Lingerie Superstores

We are sure many of our Arizona ladies have heard of boudoir photography in one way or another.This form of intimate and tasteful photography is something that is super fun and  is what Le Boudoir Studio is so passionate about! Once your boudoir shoot is scheduled; the wheels will inevitably start turning in regards to how boudoir experience will be and of course what to wear!!! That’s where the fun begins and we are right here to help you along the way.

Ideas for your boudoir photo shoot – lingerie, corsets and more!

When deciding what to wear for your boudoir photography session in Tempe/Phoenix, lingerie is a popular choice, but it is completely up to you! If you do opt for lingerie, please make sure that YOU feel sexy in whatever you choose; that’s the most important part. If you do not feel comfortable in lingerie, you can wear anything you feel sexy in. A very popular idea is corsets! They slim your waist and make “the girls” look good! Even if you think you’d rather stay in the dressing room once you’re in your hot little outfit; trust us, we have had some shy ladies come in, but once they are all bibbity bobbity boo’ed into a vixen; they come alive on camera!

Le Boudoir Studio is excited to announce our partnership with Lingerie Superstores; with locations in Tempe and Phoenix, Arizona for your Arizona boudoir photography session! We know that having a fashion consultant would be a dream come true for many women, so why not a lingerie consultant specifically for your upcoming Tempe/Phoenix boudoir photo shoot?! We love the idea of sending our clients to Lingerie Superstores with confidence that they will be with lingerie experts when shopping for their intimate photography session! Check out the Le Boudoir Studio logo on their site!

What’s the story behind Lingerie Superstores? Debbie is the lady entrepreneur behind the brand who started her small lingerie business in 2001 with the hopes that women and men would feel a sense of comfort when shopping for lingerie. Both of the Tempe and Phoenix, Arizona superstores pride themselves on customer service with their “Fashion for Passion” motto! Le Boudoir Studio is owned by our fabulous lady entrepreneur Jodi Lynn, so we are all for the lady entrepreneurs of the world making their vision and passion come alive!


You should love the idea of shopping and your upcoming sexy yet tasteful photography session is reason enough! We always recommend bringing at least four or five outfits, accessories, heels or props you would like to use for your shoot. We always recommend “over packing” for your shoot too! You never know what you will feel best in the day of and we are here for advice; we love playing dress up, just as our partner Lingerie Superstores do too!

Examples of what to shop for/bring to Le Boudoir Studio include: lingerie, heels, stockings, panties (black works well), supportive bra(s), jewelry, oh yeah and don’t forget to bring your saucy side…this is going to be one of the most fun experiences you’ve ever had!

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As much as we l-o-v-e the likes and comments on our Facebook page posts; we sure would appreciate some comments below on our blog ~ thank you in advance 😉

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