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Krissy & Clint Walker Bridal Session in Nelson Nevada

Krissy and Clint are by far the most amazing couple I have ever met. I go way back with Krissy and never have seen someone so happy. They are truly a couple meant to be with each other.
They were actually married about 4 years ago and as we all know, wedding photos are very rushed because of everything going on that day with the actual cermony, guests, events and everything else. This is why we decided to redo her Bridal session with her husband after so long.They really wanted something they could be proud of on the wall of their own home. We were able to take the time to recreate their wedding photos in a location that Krissy really loved. I just want to thank you both for such an amazing day with you!

Le Boudoir Couples Shoot Featuring Jay Jordan and Tommie Granados

Le Boudoir studio is now offering Couples Boudoir. Thank you Tommie Granados and Jay Jordan!
These two had so much chemistry as you can definitly see through these images. I think I may have found a new favorite type of session at Le Boudoir Studio, I cant wait to photograph another fun and gorgeous couple!
When you come in for your session I can also schedule your hair and make-up right in the studio.
I always love Faces by Tanya, she does such an amazing job!
If you would like to see the online gallery of Tommie and Jordan in my coupes section, Check it out here!
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