Boudoir maternity photography; sweet and sexy

Maternity photography has always been a popular option amongst mommies to be. Showing off the baby bump with a professional photography shoot is always a great idea Le Boudoir Studio thinks! Maternity photography is no longer as “cookie cutter” as it may once have been. In fact, at Le Boudoir Studio we specialize in boudoir photography; yes that means for you too mommies! Who says pregnancy can’t be sexy? You’re still an amazing woman and you deserve to show off your pregnancy glow in whatever way(s) you choose!

Sweet maternity boudoir photography

Whether you’re envisioning a sweet maternity boudoir photography session or a sexy maternity boudoir photography session; Le Boudoir Studio has you covered! Your session is all about you and what photos you’d like to cherish for years to come. There are plenty of options when it comes to maternity boudoir. You can have your shoot at our Tempe, Arizona studio or outdoor at any of the amazing outdoor photography locations that Jodi Lynn has utilized over the years. The client on the Le Boudoir Studio blog this week opted to do a little sexy and a little sweet maternity boudoir photography and she absolutely rocked it. We absolutely love the maternity boudoir silhouettes below!

Sexy maternity boudoir silhouettes

01 sweet maternity boudoir 02 sexy maternity boudoir 03 le boudor studio maternity photography 04 maternity boudoir photography le boudoir studio

What are your thoughts on maternity photography with a sexy boudoir twist? We think it’s so much fun empowering our clients through photography; no matter what style they decide on. Le Boudoir Studio wants to be your number one choice when it comes to all of your boudoir photography needs. Contact us today!


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Wonderland Boudoir - April 16, 2015 - 1:11 am

I think maternity boudoir is sexy, powerful, and one of the most feminine things a woman can do!

Sweet sweater boudoir photography in sunny Arizona

When people hear the word “boudoir”; we’d imagine that the first thought that comes to mind is lingerie. While lingerie is a hugely popular option for boudoir photography outfits; there are no rules here at Le Boudoir Studio. Our entire mission is to ensure that our clients feel as comfortable as possible; before, during and after they’re on camera. This means that your boudoir shoot is all about you. You get to call the shots and that starts with deciding on what you will wear for your shoot.

Boudoir photography outfit ideas

In a past blog post we shared our favorite boudoir photography outfit ideas. We love helping our clients out. One of those ideas is an oversized yet feminine sweater. Le Boudoir Studio loves the sweater boudoir idea! The sweater helps to ensure that you are comfortable; figuratively and literally! A beautiful sweater is an amazing choice for a boudoir photography shoot. It is still very feminine and sexy yet subtle and sweet. It is so important that you select outfits that suit your personality. The client who feels most comfortable gets the best boudoir photos! There are no “norms” or particular “rules” when it comes to boudoir photography; it’s simply about bringing out the best you and loving yourself the whole way through the process.

Boudoir photography that is all about you!

01 le boudoir studio outfit idea 02 le boudoir studio sweet sweater boudoir photography 03 sweet sweater boudoir photography 04 boudoir photography outfit ideas 05 le boudoir studio sweet sweater

We think our client looked absolutely radiant. What do you think about sweater boudoir? We can’t wait to help you create the gift of a lifetime! Contact Le Boudoir Studio for your own boudoir shoot.


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Wonderland Boudoir - April 9, 2015 - 5:17 am

OMFG! She looks like Molly Sims! What a beautiful woman!

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