Modern Love Photography vulnerability workshop with Le Boudoir Studio

Vulnerability. What does it mean? By definition it means “open to moral attack, criticism or temptation”; Brene Brown’s definition of vulnerability is “uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure.” Feeling comfortable and at ease on camera is especially important in boudoir photography; being exposed emotionally on camera creates beautiful photos. Emotional exposure is a great way to describe the workshop that Jodi Lynn of Le Boudoir Studio was able to attend recently put on by Modern Love Photography, owned by Denise Birdsong. Denise enjoys mentoring other boudoir photographers through her Modern Love Photography workshops. A photographer mentoring other photographers is a powerful tactic in ensuring the photography work is always current; staying in line with the current trends. Jodi Lynn is passionate about her boudoir business and was honored to have a chance to learn from Denise Birdsong.

Le Boudoir Studio gets vulnerable with Modern Love Photography

Boudoir photographers have to evoke emotion from every client in order to ensure stunning photos. This can sometimes be challenging for a photographer and that’s why it’s important to grow as a photographer through workshops such as this one. Jodi Lynn of Le Boudoir Studio prides herself on networking and learning from other professional photographers. This keeps her photography skills current and ensures that our clients receive the best boudoir photos possible! When Jodi was offered the opportunity to attend a Modern Love Photography workshop in San Francisco that focused on “vulnerability” in regards to boudoir photography; she had to attend!

The first workshop shoot was Jodi Lynn photographing while Denise coached and mentored on how to help bring out the flirtatious/desire look out on camera. Not only does the subject on camera have to get to a vulnerable place; the photographer does too.

Check out these stunning photos Jodi was able to capture:

10 denise birdsong mentors jodi lynn 09 vulnerability workshop by denise birdsong of modern love photography 08 san francisco modern love photography workshop 07 evoking emotion via boudoir photography 06 denise birdsong of modern love photography workshop 05 boudoir vulnerability workshop by modern love photography 04 jodi lynn of le boudoir studio gets vulnerable 03 modern love photography boudoir mentoring workshop 02 le boudoir studio and modern love photography 01 modern love photography vulnerability workshop

Learning how to get vulnerable for boudoir photography

Modern Love Photography workshops don’t stop there! Jodi Lynn was able to get on camera herself. This implementation allowed Jodi to step into her client’s shoes. Jodi was able to learn the skills of actually being vulnerable on camera which will in turn help her to coach her own Le Boudoir Studio clients. With boudoir photography as Jodi’s passion; she’ll do whatever it takes to ensure her clients get the best…even if it means being on the other side of the lens!;)

Check out Jodi’s “vulnerable” side:

03 le boudoir studio and modern love photography workshop 02 denise birdsong photography of jodi lynn of le boudoir studio 01 jodi lynn on camera during modern love photography workshop

Le Boudoir Studio is hosting a similar Modern Love Photography workshop at the Tempe, Arizona studio; read the blog for all the details on how to be involved as a boudoir photographer or model. To register for the two day portfolio building event contact Modern Love Photography at: 510-698-1216 or at

What do you say? You ready to get vulnerable on camera? We’re ready to work with you! Contact us today!


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Love and Lace - August 21, 2014 - 1:24 am

WOWZA!!!! Look at what happens when the beautiful photographer gets on the other side of that lens! WORK IT GIRL! So beautiful!!

Glowing mama to be indoor photography session

From the moment you find out you’re pregnant a million things start running through your head. You’re filled with so much excitement, anticipation, and joy. Le Boudoir Studio specializes in boudoir photography but through our Photography by Jodi Lynn business we specialize in maternity and newborn photography. We would love to help you capture your baby bump and the “maternity glow.” We have indoor and outdoor options available depending on what kind of shoot you’d like. Also, you can include your honey in the shoot if you’d prefer; couples maternity shoots are tons of fun also.

Le Boudoir Studio /Photography by Jodi Lynn loves capturing moments on camera!

No matter what kind of maternity shoot you decide on; we’re sure you won’t regret capturing such a special time in your life. Whether this is your first or third baby; pregnancy is a beautiful thing! Le Boudoir Studio has fantastic professional hair and make-up artists that will ensure you look and feel beautiful for your maternity photos. We love pampering mamas to be! Take a look at our maternity gallery.

Maternity photography session by Le Boudoir Studio / Photography by Jodi Lynn

This week we’re featuring this beautiful mama to be:

01 indoor maternity photography by jodi lynn 02 indoor maternity le boudoir studio 03 maternity photography photography by jodi lynn 04 maternity photography le boudoir studio 05 pregnancy photography photography by jodi lynn 06 pregnancy photography le boudoir studio 07 photography by jodi lynn 08 le boudoir studio 09 photography by jodi lynn maternity photography 10 le boudoir studio maternity photography

You can schedule your maternity shoot with Le Boudoir Studio as a gift to your honey or yourself. It’s always a great idea to show off that baby bump in our opinion! Contact our Tempe, Arizona studio to schedule your shoot.


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